Kitchen Remodel, Indian River

We are really happy that we found Full Circle. They do really great work!

Karen and MarkIndian River, Michigan

We had talked with several contractors, but Full Circle Contracting stood out as the one who gave us the best ideas. We talked with Dave about several projects, and his advice helped us prioritize which to tackle first.

We started by turning our porch into a three season room. Full Circle also re-roofed our place, and they added some tube skylights that brightened things up.

This year we had Full Circle remodel our kitchen. Our old one was about 50 years old. The walls and cabinets were pretty dark, and it was really hard to use. Angela at Full Circle helped us redesign the layout so it was much more open and functional. We now have a lot more space to cook, eat, and play games.

Kitchen Remodel, Indian River, Michigan

A favorite part of our kitchen is the Cambria quartz countertop. In the new layout it is a real focal point.

Full Circle also helped us pick our new appliances. The Whirlpool induction cooktop is one highlight. It is electric, but we find it easier to use than the natural gas stoves that we have used. It heats up fast and is super easy to adjust.

The Full Circle crew kept us informed. They kept to a schedule, but had the flexibility to put the project on pause so we could use the space for guests during the holidays. Along the way they identified trim and other ideas that enhanced the project, making things look more complete. They also kept things very organized and clean, storing tools and materials in their trailer at the end of the day.

We are really happy that we found Full Circle. They do really great work!