Home Renovation, Cheboygan

It’s hard to praise Full Circle enough for their meticulous work.

Kathy & Lloyd,Cheboygan

Home Renovation in Cheboygan River for Lloyd and Kathy

Full Circle Contracting has worked on many home renovation projects for us over the course of 25 years. Tying together parts of our home presented some unique challenges and Dave McKinley offered us many options. His suggestions were very helpful, as he prides himself on working out the challenges.

Full Circle remodeled our library, installing custom stained glass work. Dave devised a creative solution to the challenge of tying the upper story rooms of our home together, in the process creating a charming guest room, office space and many new cabinets, closets and storage areas.


Home Renovation Cheboygan Library

They updated our kitchen, dining and living rooms with a more open design, new cabinets, countertops, hardwood flooring and wood accents. A special room for the hot tub, and a creative solution to connect our garage to the house has opened up a bright new hallway and new closet space.

Hot Tub Room

Home Renovation Cheboygan Hot Tub Room

It’s hard to praise Full Circle enough for their meticulous work. They are great communicators, keeping us informed at all points in the design and building process. Dave brought us good ideas –ones we hadn’t thought of. He even explained why some of our ideas were totally impractical.

They clean up after their work every day. And they get the job done on time.