Building a new home, or embarking on a major addition or remodel project, is something most people don’t do very often. One of the most common questions we hear from people is, “Where do we start?” This section is intended to give you an idea of how the building process unfolds, and how Full Circle can help you through that process.


Property and Permits

If possible, this part of the process should start before you buy property by verifying with reasonable certainty that sewage disposal, wetlands, etc. are not obstacles before signing an offer. If you already own your property, it’s still wise to check into these requirements before delving into designs, as some property requirements could affect what types of features your home or addition should have. In some cases the first step should be procurement of a permit, or at least obtaining preliminary approval from one or more permit-granting agencies.

If you need assistance in determining what type of improvements a parcel of property will sustain, Full Circle can help direct you to the people with the answers, or work through the process with you. Helping obtain answers to these questions is part of what we do under the heading of “pre-construction services.”

Designing Your Dream

One common question asked about design work is, “Do I need an architect?” The answer depends on the size and complexity of what you want to do. Designs beyond a certain square footage require an architect’s seal by law. And for rather complex designs, we may recommend using an architect’s services. But for other work, Full Circle has on staff several people with training and qualifications in various aspects of design work. And, we maintain relationships with local architects to work together on many projects.

Kitchen Layout


Designing homes or additions, or assisting in the design process, is another aspect of our pre-construction services. The earlier in the project you have your builder involved, the better, because the builder is the one who has to put it together in the long run.

Decisions, Decisions

Developing a major construction project requires the owner to make a multitude of decisions, each with its own unique criteria, and most of them inter-related. Unless you do this sort of thing all the time – and very few people do that – you can’t possibly expect to be prepared to make good decisions without a lot of help.

Kitchen Drawing

We believe a major part of our job is to provide our clients with a constant flow of the type of information that’s essential to achieve the right finish product at the right price. We communicate in the forms that fit your needs, whether that be verbal, written, in person, by phone, fax, email, web sites, magazine articles, drawings, photos, whatever. When decisions are made, they are documented, dated, and passed along to the people who need to implement them. Our office is fully staffed to keep information flowing accurately and promptly. When it’s appropriate, we will bring other qualified and informative parties into the process, such as sub-contractors, code officials, and materials suppliers.

I was extremely impressed by the level of detail that was shared and coordinated with my wife and myself as we went through each phase of the building process.

Jack and Jan

It all gets down to customer service. When you call our office during business hours, you can count on talking to someone who is concerned about providing that service. Full Circle has spentĀ 40 years developing a reputation as a company that gives topnotch service. And we are determined to keep improving that service every day.

On the Job Site

You don’t have to be an expert in construction to reach some conclusions at a construction jobsite. Is it clean and organized? Are materials stored neatly, and protected from the weather and other unfavorable environmental conditions? Are tools and equipment in good condition? Is partially-completed work thoroughly braced, and protected from the elements if appropriate?

If these types of principles are followed on a jobsite, you can expect the quality of the construction to correlate. Structural work will be plumb, level, and square. Materials will be properly installed and fastened. Good quality materials will be selected, and sub-standard products will be discarded. And the finished result will be a job that looks and performs beautifully, not only on the day it’s done, but for years afterward. That’s the Full Circle standard of excellence.

What will it cost?

Once plans and specifications are determined, you have a right to expect accurate pricing information. In many cases, that will mean a proposal with a firm quoted price. At other times, a reasonable estimate is appropriate. We can provide approximate “ballpark” pricing at the beginning phases of a project, to help you make broad decisions about details like size, materials used, scope of work, etc.

And in every case, you can expect to receive invoices that are detailed and accurate, along with the appropriate corresponding documents if required.

Full Circle doesn’t claim to be the cheapest contractor around. Most people don’t want the cheapest contractor around, because they know they’ll usually get what they pay for. What Full Circle offers is a fair, competitive price for top-quality service and workmanship.

Finishing Touches

It’s the finish work that often separates a nice home from a beautiful one. Wall finishes, cabinetry, trim, railings, and flooring often reflect the pride of workmanship exercised by the craftsmen who installed them. Our craftsmen take great satisfaction in showcasing their talent in the detail work.

Finished Kitchen

The other component necessary for excellence in finish work is quality materials. That’s why we opened Full Circle Home Center and our new company, Green Matter, offering fine cabinets, counter tops, floor coverings, windows, exterior doors, closet systems, and appliances. And on the service side, Angela Chamberlain applies her Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Architecture from Lawrence Technological University to offer interior design services, include consultation on colors and textures. When you hire Full Circle, you collaborate with a team of dedicated professionals to make your dream home a reality.

After Your Project

When you team up with Full Circle Contracting & Home Center and Green Matter, you have the confidence of knowing your builder will be there for you tomorrow and long into the future. If you need warranty work, additional service, or just some good advice, you can be sure Full Circle will be there.

I was looking for a local Company, one in whom I could entrust this very special project, a professional Company I could count on to stand behind their work, I am very pleased to have selected Full Circle.


Many of our remodeling clients hire Full Circle time and again as they renovate their older homes step by step. Our relationships with our clients are partnerships of personalized service, mutual respect, and lasting commitment.

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